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Changsha AnMuQuan intelligent technology co., LTD

Changsha AnMuQuan intelligent technology co., LTD

  Changsha anmuquan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Dr. Zhu Wenhui, a national expert, focuses on the development of advanced integrated circuit packaging and product, packaging process software, relying on the international advanced system level packaging technology (SIP) to solve key core devices such as CPU (central processing unit), DSP (digital signal processor), GPU (image processor), SSD (solid-state memory) The independent manufacturing of IGBT (insulated gate bipolar diode) is the only semiconductor packaging and testing company with advanced level in the world in Hunan Province, which fills the gap of high-end chip packaging in Hunan Province and Changsha City. The company will strive to become the leading high-end chip advanced packa...

Artificial intelligence chips: new opportunities for the development of China
摘要:"For the Chinese semiconductor industry, looking back on the times and achievements are remarkable. From ID card chips to the MP3 era, to a large number of cottages and tablets, as well as current brand mobile phones and tablets, batches of Chinese chip companies have emerged "Sun Guoxing, executive director of Guoxin Venture Capital, said at the 4th Internet Product Innovation Conference held recently that from computing to" computing + communications "to" computing + connection + perception ", technical factors are constantly changing.?At present, the chip industry is in a state of scrambling, but its market prospects are promising.
Development of artificial intelligence chips, China can not be "partial"
摘要:"Only looking at the design architecture, domestic AI chips are no worse than foreign ones, but this is not enough." Wang Yu, a professor in the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University, pointed out at the science popularization Salon of "science cafe" held by the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently that this is equivalent to building on sand and the foundation is not solid.
Google uses AI to design chips
摘要:It seems that Moore's Law is not slow enough to improve the transistor density and cost, and the cost of designing chips and the cost of factories that etch chips are also rising.?In order to keep IT innovation moving forward, any of these cost savings will be very welcome.

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